"Master Franchisee for Rajasthan signed.Master Franchisee for Punjab signed.MASTER FRANCHISE FOR WEST BENGAL SIGNED."
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News & Events

      Feb 15

      Area Master Franchisee Signed In Barnala

      Mr. Sonu Garg, Mr. Bhupinder Sing & Mr. Harish Kumar signed AMF for Barnala Zone which includes Patiala, Sangrur & Fathegarh Sahib Distts. Of Punjab.

      Feb 12

      Unit Franchisee Signed In Moga

      Mr. Sunil Garg signed Unit Franchise for Moga of Punjab.

      Feb 5

      Unit Franchisee Signed In Malout

      Ms. Mamta Garg signed Unit Franchise for Malout of Punjab. She is already running Abacus Center.

      Feb 1

      Area Master Franchisee Signed In Ludhiana

      Ms. Monika Garg signed AMF for Ludhiana Zone which includes S.S. Nagar &, Roop Nagar Distts. Of Punjab.

      Jan 8

      Area Master Franchisee Signed In Sri Muktsar Sahib

      Ms. Teena Garg & Mr. Rajesh Garg signed AMF for Muktsar Zone which includes Moga, Firozpur & Tarntarn Distts. Of Punjab.

      Jan 8

      Unit Franchisee

      Unit Franchisee signed in Luxmi Nagar.

      Jan 8

      Unit Franchisee

      Unit Franchisee signed in Vivek Vihar.

      Jan 8

      Area Master Franchisee

      Area Master Franchisee signed in Greater Noida.

      Jan 8

      Unit Franchisee

      Unit Franchisee signed in Debrugarh - Assam.

      Jan 8

      Area Master Franchisee

      Area Master Franchisee Signed In Guwahati.

      Nov 24

      Area Franchisee Signed In Sivasagar- Assam

      : Mrs. Rita Sakria Borah signed area franchisee for Sivasagar- Assam.

      Nov 16

      Unit Franchisee Signed In Sri Muktsar Sahib

      Ms. Teena Garg & Mr. Rajesh Garg signed Franchisee for Muktsar. Both are running Abacus Center from last 5 years. Besides this Mr. Rajesh is also working as a Teacher in Convent School from last 10 years.

      Nov 15

      Area Franchisee Signed In Joharat: Assam

      Mr. Gautam Das signed area franchisee for Joharat: Assam .

      Nov 2

      Master Franchisee Signed In Ghuwhati

      Ms. Tulsi Priya Bordoli, an young energetic lady having a good selling skills and worked with a reputed organization and achieve a various level awards during her job carrier.

      Aug 26

      Master Franchisee for Rajasthan signed.

      Mr. Jitendra Kumar Tater young entrepreneurs with a vast experience, Master Franchisee for Rajasthan signed.

      July 28

      Master Franchisee of Punjab Signed

      Mr. Ranjeev goyal having a good experience in education field running the abacus center from last 5 years and having a very good and sound knoweldge of education field.

      July 11

      Master Franchise for Punjab Signed

      Master Franchisee for Punjab signed.

      Apr 11

      Master Franchise for West Bengal Signed

      Mrs Krishna Saha & Mrs Nupur Debnath , both being young women entrepreneurs has taken the Master Franchise for West Bengal Signed with Regional Office and One Center coming up at GARIA.

      Mar 20

      Area Master franchisee of coimbatore Signed

      Mr. S.Yogesh is from education field from last 5years and running a preschool from last five years.

      Mar 9

      Area Franchisee for Hyderabad Zone is Signed

      Mrs.Hima Puri and Mrs. Smitha Yalamanchili is into a education field and running a preschool and student library from last 7 years.

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The Saras Educational Society, registered under Society Act 1860, is comprised of a recognized group of professional and experienced volunteers within the education industry. We draw our membership from a wide range of backgrounds and specialties, all committed to the same goal of improving standards and education within the student community. Headquartered in New Delhi, the Saras Educational Society draws upon the contributing efforts of industry leaders and technical experts.

An initiative of Saras Educational Society is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company providing courses in Handwriting Improvement, Calligraphy, Handwriting analysis, Speed Writing, Signature analysis, Spoken English for Kids, Spoken English for Senior and Personality development building confidence in an individual. The purpose of our educational institute is to boost the confidence and will power of the student through their these courses. We are known for our unparalleled high quality services and loved for the attention we offer to our children.

Saras Education has built its own courses with its own methodology after a long research and efforts of Academicians which is really effective and provides 100% guaranteed results in any age especially in Handwriting improvement, Calligraphy, Speed Writing.